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Monday, July 10, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Woo hoo! Rich Layman just told me that Cyclelicious was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal last Friday in an article about fixed gear bikes:
'Look Ma, No Brakes'
By Hannah Karp

Forget about 28-speed mountain bikes, cruisers with huge seats or $3,500 bicycles that shift gears automatically. Cyclists seeking an adrenaline boost on their commute are increasingly climbing onto a model straight out of the 19th century: a bike that has just one gear, can't coast and often lacks a feature prized by most cyclists and law-enforcement officials -- brakes.

Taking a cue from velodrome racers and city bike messengers, a growing number of riders are buying so-called fixed-gear bikes. Unlike standard 18- or 21-speeds, fixed-gear models have pedals chained directly to the rear wheel so that whenever the wheel spins, ...

Sites including, and contain tales of stuck digits, even pictures of severed fingers.

Fixedgeargallery and sheldonbrown are excellent company! Subscription is required to read the full article.

Update: Graham at GoClipless mentioned this article and he has a link to the full article. I emailed the article author, Hannah Karp, and she told me that she found Cyclelicious after searching for web pages about the hazards of fixed gear bikes. If it bleeds, it leads.

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Ahhh...yes...meant to mention that in my post about the article. I'll have to update. Congrats...Isn't it funny how recognition from the mainstream media feels so good...even though the readers of cyclelicious already know that you are?
Wow dude, that is awesome. Good for you.
Woa....this is seriously cool. Much deserved, too. Congrats!
Excellent! That's very cool.
Very cool Fritz. Hopefully a few of the people who come to the site to see bloody finger pics will discover that there is other great content as well.
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