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Friday, August 04, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

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Floyd Landis provided a statement on his blog announcing his innocence in the drug scandal and asking his fans to "keep the faith." According to Floyd, although the testosterone-epitestosterone ratio was skewed, the actual absolute level of his testosterone was in the normal range. His epitestosterone was unusually low, causing the suspiciously abnormal 11/1 ratio.

Floyd also expresses concern about the information leaks from the UCI in what should remain a private matter until the test results are final.

Read more at the Floyd Landis Blog. Via TdF Blog.

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Best of luck to Floyd in his fight!
Floyd...Am I crazy or was that you who I saw at the Quiznos in Silverthorne, Colorado this past Sunday around noon? Please let me know so I don't lose any more sleep over this. I'm a big fan of yours, even at my age of 80!

Sincerely, Bob
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