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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

A story of cyclists and motorists getting along -- more or less -- in rural Southwest Colorado in the Cortez, CO Journal.

The League of American Bicyclists has released a video to promote Safe Routes to School. You can use this four minute video to present Safe Routes to your local school board, PTA, city council, or city planners. Cash and resources are available in every U.S. state, but local champions are needed to start the ball rolling in your community. Watch and download the video here. Discover more about Safe Routes to School and find local resources and your state contact at the National Center for Safe Routes to School. If you have a Safe Routes success story to share I would love to hear about it.

Remember the SMU law professor who deliberately ran over a cyclist in May 2004? She was tried and convicted of aggravated assault in the attack. An Texas state appeals court recently overturned Jane Dolkan's conviction. It's apparently open season in Dallas for cyclists. Update: As noted in Heidi's comment, it's Jane Dolkart. More details in the Dallas Morning News.

If nitrogen seeps out more slowly than oxygen, then eventually the air in your tires will approach 100% nitrogen, right?

Lance Armstrong announces he'll race the 2007 Tour de France, overcoming yet more debilitating injuries than Floyd in his bid to win number eight. Via.

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Just in case anyone else wants to find more info about that SMU professor hitting the cyclist, her name is actually Jane Dolkart.
I don't think it's quite open season on cyclists yet. Dolkart's conviction was thrown out on a technicality, that the instructions given to the jurors were incorrect. Keep in mind she's a law professor, so it's not surprising she and her lawyer found some technicality to appeal the conviction.

Since prosecutors plan to retry her if they lose the appeal of the appeals court ruling, she's not quite out of the woods yet. If the case is retried, hopefully prosecutors will do their homework and make sure the jury instructions follow the letter of the law.
I'm a cyclist and former AYH leader who commuted by bicycle for 3 years when I was in law school at Catholic University in Washington. My first year property instructor was Jane Dolkart, who at age 27, had already established a glittering reputation for herself in Washington. I moved to NYC in 1981 & lost touch with her. While she had a strong streak of imperiousness in her personality, the fact that she would do this to a cyclist comes as rather shocking & disturbing news to me.
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