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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
By Michael

YouTube seems to be a great place to find cycling videos (as well as thousands/millions of others), and a truly amazing video is the following:

It takes skill to do a trackstand on a velodrome, but for six-minutes? That's truly amazing. It's only a matter of time before American racing gets to the point of six-day races where it's more of a party then a sporting event. It almost appears as if a concert is taking place at the race in this video.

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I remember reading abut that track stand... amazing.

Chris Hoy, from Scotland, was the first to jump. The other rider I think is Gagne from France. What a great race!

I love sprinting... but can't stand for more than a few seconds really and have no patience. if somebody really wants to move me to a different spot, I'd rather just give it to them and sprint.

What I liked was the way Hoy came right up on the hip of Gagne and then hopped up even closer, to keep him completely boxed in. I love to watch the ones where neither of the riders is looking down and both are just glaring at each other... BAD ASS!
Excellent find, Michael.

Tim, would you mind explaining to the uninitiated why they stand like this in the velodrome, perhaps at your blog?
Excellent idea! Stay tuned- later today/ tonight... more to follow.
Well, I finally put up a post about trackstands for you... jeesh I'm a slacker.
Actually, Hoy didn't hop up to box in Gagne (or whomever). In fact, he didn't box in the other guy at all. He hopped up to get his rear wheel higher up the track so that the back & forth rocking for balancing was done by gravity vs by leg effort.

He pulled up close to minimize the difference in altitude to minimize the advantage of the guy higher up.

But you got the part about bad ass right...
btw, track racing was much more popular in the US than in Europe during the early part of the 20th century. the Madison is actually US born and bred . . . named after Madison Square Garden. i don't understand why it hasn't experienced a revival. all those middle market cities with arena football could really get into it.
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