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Friday, September 29, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

The Environmental Defense Fund reminds its readers, "If everyone who lives within 5 miles of their workplace were to cycle to work just one day a week and left the car at home, nearly 5 million tons of global warming pollution would be saved every year, the equivalent of taking about a million cars off the road."

Cycling for transportation has doubled since 1990, and reports from Interbike tell us that this past year especially has been good for the cycling industry. EDF credits facilities such as bikeways and bikestations that entice commuters to try cycling. Today bike transit centers are proliferating. Bikestation’s executive director Andrea White says the ones her group operates are at or near capacity and the surge in interest in these facilities "has been really phenomenal." New ones are in the works in Washington, D.C.; Tempe, Arizona; Houston; Vancouver; and Minneapolis, to name a few in the building or planning stages. Read more at EDF.

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Hopefully the number of people cycling to work will continue to rise once it gets high enough people should get the idea and the numbers should go through the roof and then hopefully we can also help fight obesity as well.
Cycling to work will become more common if people feel safe sharing the road with cars. As a cycling commuter I see no promoting of safety and road sharing which should be aimed at the drivers through newspapers or radio or whatever local media is available.
I see gas prices going through the roof the only way to bring about a change of consciousness about cycling, otherwise people have no incentive to change.
Or, the public can start insisting on promoting the safety and road sharing. Ask me in a year if this is possible...
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