Maniac killing spree in Canada

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Over 600 people were injured and nearly a dozen people were killed in traffic accidents in Canada today, at a cost to society of approximately $26 million (Cdn) per day. In Quebec, hundreds were injured and one or two people died as a result of traffic accidents.

Okay, I'm guilting of minimizing the horrible impact of gun-toting Canadian psychos in trenchcoats, but these other deaths and maimings sure didn't make CNN.

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The City Anna, TX banned bicycles off a particular section of the roadway, FM 455, until such time when the road can be made safe.

Why stop at just banning bicycles? FM-455 is dangerous for ALL vehicles. Ban ALL vehicles for the duration and allow only pedestrians to use the roadway only on Sundays, after church and before 60 Minutes.
The shootings took place about 2 blocks from the hotel I stayed in while at the Canadian tradeshow. On top of that, I had ridden by the school where the shooting happened just about 2-3 hours earlier and the day before as well. I was on the phone with my wife when the shooting happened and the cop cars came screaming by.

Crazy world.
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