Tuscon regulates motorized bicycles

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

The Tuscon city council approved a new ordinance Tuesday night that sets the minimum age for riders at 16, requires a helmet for those under 18, limits the number of riders to no more than what the bicycle or tricycle was designed for and calls for a headlight and rear reflector during nighttime riding.

The ordinance also bars riders operating the bikes on sidewalks and mixed-use paths such as the trails that run along several riverbeds in the area.

Stores selling motorized bikes are required to tell customers about the city ordinance and post a sign stating that state law sets the speed limit for the bikes at 20 mph. The ordinance takes effect immediately and violators are subject to a $100 fine.

The chairman of the Tuscon Bicycle Advisory Committee, Diana Tolton, wanted a complete ban of the motorized bicycles. "Do we want people who have lost their licenses because of a DUI, now driving a motorized bike?" she asks. "Do we want someone who is legally disabled and unable to get a drivers license to be on a motorized bike?"

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So motorized bicycles can't go over 20 MPH, but what about human-powered bicycles?
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