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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I know this isn't exactly huge news -- every website is "under construction," and if it's not, it's probably not a site worth visiting -- but the Fat Cyclist has finally decided to do something with his domain besides redirecting visitors to his MSN Spaces blog site. He has (or will have):

  • The blog. That'll be on the home page. I'mhappy to say that my "idea list" (a Word doc I keep with a bullet listof things I want to write about on my blog) now has a nice buffer of 15items. So the writer's fatigue thing should be over.
  • Comments. Iknow a lot of you readers don't currently comment because it'sdifficult to sign up with Microsoft's Live Passport. I've (for now) setup my blog at www.fatcyclist.com to not require registration. Just type and post. If spam or abuse gets to be a problem, I'll rethink that later.
  • Fatty's Forum.I'd like to be able to have ongoing conversations with you guys, andthe comments zone is kind of a weak way to do that, so I've got a forumat www.fatcyclist.com/forum. Please register and post something there, because it's currently entirely empty.
  • Epic Rides Library.Long before I ever did the "Fat Cyclist" blog, I maintained a littlewebsite called "Epic Rides," where anyone who wanted could contributestories about long, difficult bike rides they had taken. I lovedwriting and reading those stories, so I'm going to make that part ofthe Fat Cyclist site, too. Start thinking about (and writing) yourstories.
  • Training / Weight Loss Bets and Competitions: Oneway I've been able to force myself to stay on track with diets andtraining is by having a bet or competition with other people. I thinkthat's probably the case with others. So I'm planning on having an areaon the site where you can either compete with me or with other FatCyclist readers to see who meets their goals.
  • Stuff to Sell.I'm thinking of selling T-Shirts, stickers, jerseys, and other stufflike that. I haven't actually started getting any of that produced,yet, though. Soon.
  • Ads-for-Schwag: I'd liketo put some ads on my site. Not to get money, mind you (though Iwouldn't necessarily be opposed to money). I'd like to do barter-styleadvertising, where small companies can advertise on my site in exchangefor giving me stuff which I can then give away as competition prizes.
Drop by at <a href="http://www.fatcyclist.com/">Fatcyclist.com</a> and let Faitty know that Fritz @ Cyclelicious sent you.

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Cool. I'll have to update the link in my sidebar.
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