Floridians respond to new three-foot passing law

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Monday, October 16, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Some motorists cry, New bike law is unfair. “Roads are for vehicles.” No duh.

Meanwhile, cyclists in Manatee, FL want more safety. Near Orlando, cyclists celebrate at the Mount Dora Bicycle Festival.

Bicycle safety is for motorists

The League of Illinois Bicyclists, with funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation, produced a seven-minute video on motorist-bicyclist safety. The video is narrated by Robbie Ventura and is intended for driver's education classes. The video has been distributed to 900 high school and private driving education programs across Illinois and to more than 900 police and sheriff's departments. You can see the video on line at: http://www.bikelib.org/video/index.htm.

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What about motorist rights? I can’t believe anyone would seriously ask that question. Haven’t we already paved the whole freakin’ country for them.
A bicycle is a vehicle?
"vain enough to expect anyone to stop" indeed. Hmmm... if there were tractor trailer drivers maknig mayhem on her route, would she feel as obligated to find anouther route?
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