Jap boy band bike video

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Monday, October 30, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Jap boy band bike video

Keirin fixed gear bikes are featured in this music video as the Japanese boy band "Rip Slyme" dresses up in matching bike mechanic overalls. Kawai, ne?

Hat tip to Go Clipless and Masi Guy.

Does anybody remember Pink Lady and "UFO"?

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Hello, Fritz.
Pink Lady generation is here! I used to sing and dance to "UFO" :-)
I first watched Rip Slyme's this video. It is a lot of fun.
Thanks for the link love, if even I was ripping it off from Graham.

The video is awesome and the bike stuff just kills me.

Kumataro, great site- just wish I could read it. Love the phots and the track stuff.
Hey Kumatoro, thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, Tim, Honk de Bonk sugoi desu ne. Here it is in English (sort of).
That is just freaky.
My favorite part from the English translation of the Kumataro site is "Unexpected the crotch, it is thick thickly, it is, [bonen]." I wonder ...

The video was simply gorgeous, in a most Japanese way. Thanks
Hello, Tim and Shawn. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Shawn, I mean Tom Boonen has fat thighs like a sprint trackie. My Japanese is too casual. So, translation site can't translate my Japanese into English correctly.
Kumataro- your site is great. I really think it is cool. I'll be back to it for sure.

I laughed at the Boonen thing too, but understood that the translator would be bad. I love how they take perfect poetry and turn it into something that doesn't make sense.

Thank you again to Fritz and Kumataro both.
Kumataro -- your welcome -- and please stop and visit my site. I meant no offense -- only laughing at the goofy translation. It's nice to know what you actually said.
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