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Saturday, October 21, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

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I'm pretty exclusively a road cyclist. The only reason I own a mountain bike is that it enabled me to ride through heavy snow when I lived in Colorado. It's a cheap GR "Aggressor 2.0" I bought from a garage sale. This bike has very low end cheap components: Alivio derailleurs, Rock Shocks Jett shocks, etc.

I pulled this bike out last night for a mountain bike trip this morning. Mostly everything works fine, except the cheap shocks are shot; they're completely frozen up.

What should I do, sports fans? Get rid of this bike and get an entirely new bike? Just replace the suspension fork with something slightly better quality? Keep the frame but replace all the components?

The last time I went mountain biking was in 2005. I intend to do a little more here in Santa Cruz County, California, but that will probably only be five or six forays a year.

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You're in a beautiful place to ride in the dirt and your enjoyment will be greatly enhanced by a new bike. Knowing you and your single speed joy, I'd recommend a single speed MTB. I think you would really enjoy it and they are relatively cheap. Might I be so bold as to recommend one of the new Haro Mary single speeds. Part of the family, but still a great new bike.
I agree with Tim. Get a newer, more capable MTB, and either donate the old one or convert it to a single speed 'beater' for grocery store runs and the like. That way, if someone wants to borrow a bike or go for a ride with you, you're set to go.
Is there ever a bad time to buy a new bike?
Ed is very smart for agreeing with me. Proves he's a genius...

Fritz, I know you don't "need" a reason to buy a new bike. Single speed is where it is at! Especially a single 29"... yummy!
I plan to buy a new road bike also. I hadn't considered buying a SS -- that would be a solution to my budget issue.

I'm in a 900 square foot apartment, so I don't have a lot of extra room for spare bikes :-)
Did I just "new road bike"? Do I even have to tell you the best road bike on the planet? Do I?
i love gt's if you still have it email me at
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