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Thursday, October 26, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Masi is specing the new SRAM Rival group for their new Gran Criterium bike. SRAM Rival is the consumer or enthusiast end of SRAM's new road group offerings, with SRAM Force designed for the pro cyclist.

Masiguy installed brakes, derailers, shifters, cassette and chain on a bike and gave the SRAM Rival a spin. Read here for Masiguy's report.

Question for Tim: I had read that multiple upshifts/downshifts with one swing of the lever aren't possible with SRAM shifters. Campy and Shimano both have that capability. I like the ability to shift multiple gears at a time. Will this limitation hinder SRAM's acceptance in the bike marketplace?
Photo info: SRAM Rival by racerboy339.

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Force is the top of the line, Rival is the second to top.
Thanks, anon. I noticed the error almost immediately, but then Blogger went down and I couldn't update my post until a little later.

You can shift more than one (3) going up the cogs and one coming down the cogset- just like with Shimano. Like I said in my post, the front shifting is the least effortless, but the rear is really great.

I'm gonna try to get pictures too...
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