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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Update here.
A furriner apparently tried to take the lane while turning across an intersection in Beijing. The cab driver behind her becomes "infuriated, gets out of the taxicab, grabs the lady's bicycle and throws it to the ground twice."

Photos posted on Chinese blogs of the incident created "controversy and sparking an outpouring of respect to the foreigner and the denouncement of the driver." Read more about this Xinhua / Chinaview.

Does anyone know where to find these photos? Blogger Mo Jie reported the incident at, but I don't read Chinese and don't know how to find the Chinese blog post.

Oh, there's a faint possibility of me visiting Beijing in the next month or two. Can one rent a bike in Beijing? Or would it be cheaper/easier just to buy a Flying Pigeon for the short time I'll be there?

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LMAO! That's GOLD.

Gwadzilla has a post on it with links to the photos.

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