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Thursday, November 09, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I'm a sucker for Bike Haiku, which are Haiku poems with a bicycling theme. If you post bike haiku and I find it, your link bait effects are shameless but effective. The best way to ensure I find your bait is to link to Cyclelicious and make sure your post is pinged so I can find your post with Technorati.

Here's Warren's bike haiku about riding at night. Here's a bike haiku about a tragic loss.

"Shannon and the colourful leaves" by Matt Corks.
Remember, a haiku is a poem with three verses with five syllables in the first verse, seven in the second, five in the last for a total of 17 syllables. Some experts think 12 syllables work better in English, and that's okay by me.

I prefer the traditional style of Haiku where the poem contains a "kigo" and is evocative of the season, e.g. "Brittle leaves crunch underneath."

Bicycling and haiku seem to go together so naturally. Haiku often contains a juxtaposition, placing apparently unrelated or unequal things side by side, and as bicyclists we experience so much of that just in a short ride. Most obviously, we're the little scrawny guy or gal sitting unprotected on a 20 pound bike right next to the behemoth cage enveloping its occupant with four tons of steel, climate control, and entertainment. Not as apparent might be the little connections we see; I'm the highly paid computer engineer who rides through "the Projects" every day and says hello to surly teenagers hanging out at on the street and to their slightly older sisters pushing their infants in stollers to the corner store and to the middle age gang victim sitting in his donated wheelchair at the bus stop.

Bicyclists are connected to others in ways that most people are not, and these connections can make for some great haiku.

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They make for some great life, too!
Hey, do I get bonus points for using the same number of characters on each line?
More, more, more! I'm looking for bikus for The Derailleur. Winter ones would be perfect.
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