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Monday, November 06, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

The Dude proclaims it, so it must be so.

I've ridden my bike to the polls several times. In the myriad places I've lived, voting places seem generally to be at places with little parking. I perform my civic duty and think of my fellow man by freeing up a parking space and road space for him.

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I rode my bike to the polls today and there was another person there on his bike. I overheard him say, in response to someone who commented that it wasn't a good day to ride with all the rain, that he wasn't happy to be on his bike but his car was in the shop. We left about the same time and, as I was unlocking my bike, he told me I should get better clothes for commuting. When I told him I had been dressing like this for years, he asked whether I had thought about shaving my legs, then.

Kind of a jerk, and especially surprising since I figured another cyclist at the polls (the first I have ever seen in my 5+ years going to this polling location) would be friendly. But, then, he also brought his bike (his wet, dirty, carbon-framed bike) into the polling location (the fellowship hall or equivalent at a Lutheran church) rather than locking it up outside.
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