Palo Alto leads in walking & biking to school

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

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I bike through the city of Palo Alto, California every weekday during my commute, and I can confirm that Palo Alto leads in walking & biking to school. Transportational cycling is popular in Palo Alto. There are bicycles on almost every street around town, using bike paths and bike lanes where available, taking the lane and asserting themselves in traffic where they're not.

In most cities, streets are designed solely to move automobiles as quickly as possible, with accomodations for other users often an afterthought if they're considered at all. Former mayor and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition board member Ellen Fletcher is famous for her role in pushing for streets designed for all users, not just motorists. Streets are narrow, traffic moves slowly, and pedestrian and bicycle traffic is heavy in commercial areas of Palo Alto.

Read the San Jose Mercury News article: Palo Alto leads resurgence in walking, biking to school.

Cycling news

San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization seeks members for a bicycle advisory committee to help create a safe bicycle system and to promote cycling as a viable form of transportation. San Antonio cyclists, quit your griping and get involved!

James asks Interbike attendees: Who had the best booth at Interbike?

Speaking of Interbike, you've all seen the news everywhere about Eurobike's plans to start a competing bike industry show in Portland of all places. Interbike Times reports that this news has been great in creating inbound links to the Interbike website. Even bad news is good news from a marketing perspective. Some blogs and forums that have mentioned this story include Drink the Kool Aid, MTBR forums, The Goat, Spinopsys, and, of course, BikePortland.

Posted from inside Caltrain.

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