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Friday, December 08, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Jessica Simpson in bicycle messenger clothing in Blonde Ambition

Jessica Simpson as bicycle messenger in Blonde Ambition

Filming is under way for the film Blonde Ambition, in which Jessica Simpson stars as a woman working her way up the corporate ladder, while finding love and battling helmet hair along the way. Hopefully, she'll also learn how to sling that messenger bag over her back instead of letting it dangle in front like that. I think the kneepads, pink legwarmers and multicolored document tubes rule.

The bike looks like an older steel singlespeed mountain bike with slicks and rigid fork, which works well for cycling in the urban environment.

Jessica Simpson, incidentally, has a Bacon number of 2. Kevin Bacon played Jack Casey, a stockbroker who lost everything and then found love as a bike messenger in the movie Quicksilver.

Via Bike Commuter Tips. You can see more Jessica Simpson "bike messenger" photos at Leona's Jessica and Ashlee Simpson fan blog.


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Sounds familiar.

Messengers (1999, Japan)
"Naomi, a successful fashion press agent, is having a bad day. Her business is shut down, everything she has is repossesed, and she accidentally runs down a bicycle messenger with her car. To get out of paying for the messenger's medical bills, she agrees to take his place at the struggling courier company he and his friend run. Though she hates the job at first, she soon comes to see its good points, and helps the company's owner, Suzuki, to win a valuable courier contract away from a bullying motorcycle messenger service."
Man, where is dat set? Santa in da HOUSE!
Could they have picked anyone worse to portray a bike messenger? It doesn't look like she knows how to ride a bike.
Ummm...where's her lock? ;)
It doesn't just look like she doesn't know how to ride a bike, she looks incredibly uncomfortable and self conscious at the same time. She is way too clean too.
Here's a link to the Japanese "Messengers" show Paul Tay mentioned.

My wife (sticking up for the the underdog) reminds us that costumers pick the outfits. It's not really Jessica's fault that she's wearing that interesting facsimile of bike messenger gear.
She's actually wearing a messenger bag on her back, despite what the post says. The one that's visible is a second (?) bag. (Her makeup maybe?)
Sad as this may sound, she is pretty hot...
She's way over dressed compared to the extras. If a guy is carrying his jacket then its gotta be at least 60s degrees. I’d be wearing way less clothes but still be sweating my butt off. Ditch the leather coat for something that breathes, NEVER wear a bulky scarf and enjoy the sweat trickling down the small of my back as I bust my tail around town. Two basic concepts: hard work & functionality over fashion. Radio? Lock? Is that what's in the low slung bag that would be knockin knees and dragging in spokes all day? This flick is sure to flop.
Third concept of value:
sexist attention

yep she looks uncomfortable on a bike..
yep her bag is way to low and should snag her ass or at least pull her off the bike...
kneepads really only work on downhill runs..
she looks like she is wearing rollerblade wrist guards too...

by the look of it her forks look bent (forward) too cause of the huge rake (well it looks that way)
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