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Friday, January 12, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Russ asked me, "Do you happen to know of any bicycle blogs in Cleveland area?"
Ohio City Bike Co-Op members participate in a ride through Cleveland. Photo by Mint Tea Peter.

Amazingly, I can't find any! Ohio has some of my favorite old-style Internet resources such as Ohio Bicycle Federation, Crankmail. Longtime cyclist advocate Fred Oswald lives, works, and bikes in Cleveland. Some resources in Cleveland include Jim Sheehan's Ohio City Bike Co-Op, EcoCity Cleveland Transportation Choices, Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Assocation and the Lake Erie Wheelers.

Ohio has a very strong, effective and active group of cyclist advocates, along with a great tradition of cycling (remember the Wright Brothers?). There are plenty of forums, newsletters and mailing lists on those sites, but not a single blog to be found. Help Russ out, folks -- do you know of any Cleveland-area blogs that primarily discusses bicycling?

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Perhaps it's a function of things being good. Nobody feels a need to vent?
(Avoiding the obvious hypotheses about other reasons why nobody's writing - is there a comparable paucity of blogs about other topics? :))
I'm pretty sure there isn't one, but seeing this post has actually been the last straw in bringing me around to starting one. I'm planning to do it as a "staff blog" through work once I redesign our web site and bring its technology up to date. I'll send you an email when it's up (and do my best to promote it to people in Cleveland, of course). It will probably be a month or so.
BTW that anonymous post was from me, and I'm Peter, taker of that picture above. I work at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op. (forgot that part!)
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