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Friday, January 05, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

I have about a hundred feeds I subscribe to. I'll split this up for the convenience of me and you. :-) I vaguely tried to remove duplicates from Masiguy's original list -- if you don't see some of the "A" list B blogs, I read 'em, I just didn't list them here. See also the bonus section below. And isn't this about the coolest photo you've seen today?

Photo Copyright 2005 by Act One Design and used with permission. Click on photo for details.

Bonus section of non-cycling blogs.

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Thank you brother for keeping this going. Awesome! Some cool new reads. Looks like my favorites are going to keep growing.

Any idea what happened to Crazy Biker Chick's blog? I can't access it anymore.
gwadzilla is so yesterday's blog
I was gonna mention you in part two, Gwadz :-) I was thinkin' of you.
Jill, she must have hit her Delete Blog button. She is back today and is in the process of restoring posts. I've missed her too.
What about the "c" list?
Fritz, why isn't your site plastered with pixel ads? ;-)
Gents - You are missing the original bike blogger, Big Jonny at While his site does not use a blog publishing platform, the tone, content, links, comments, community...made it a blog before blogs existed.
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