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Saturday, January 27, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

I'm a blogging and forums maniac. That's because I read about 1000 words per minute and type 80 words per minute. That means I can read about four typical blog posts per minute and write a blog post in less than five minutes. Online research is also quick for me -- I use keyboard shortcuts so the mouse doesn't slow me down. That leaves me plenty of time to get some good bicycle riding in :-)

My fast reading and writing is completely useless in the world of podcasting, so I don't listen to podcasts. I don't watch television, either, for that matter. But then, Tim Grahl mentioned Cyclelicious in the latest edition of The Spokesman podcast, so of course I had to listen.

I discovered the discussion is really good. I listened to more Spokesman podcasts. I clicked over and listened to part of a Fredcast Cycling podcast. Crooked Cog does a podcast. Carlton Reid -- he's the king of excellence if you already didn't know that -- has experimented with podcasts for a while and now has his QuickRelease.tv site for video and audio podcasts.

Who listens and views these podcasts? Do you have any tips for time-limited folks like me? I've avoided listening on the bike -- I depend on my hearing to know what's going on around me. I take public transit every day, but my commute time is also my blogging, news and email time. Any suggestions?

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The bike works dude -- You just have to make sure you can the environmental sounds at about 95%. Nightline on the way to work. ipod ibike.
=v= I like this one:

Listening to podcasts on the bike wouldn't work for Santa. Too much thinking on the bike would make his brain hurt. Mostly it's narco-corridos, Black-Eye Peas, and the Eagles on his mp3.

He doesn't really listen to much podcasts either. The last one was a military.com interview of Playboy Playmate and former Navy officer Sherry Lynne White, speaking on the need in the military for a uniform policy for servicemembers posing in the buff for various publications.

Very smart and well-spokened lady, actually.

Santa would probably watch v-logs though.
I read the part about me mentioning your blog on the Spokesmen and I thought "I did?". I still don't really remember doing it.

Maybe I should have a listen to the show to see if it's any good :)
I was happy to see that Tim G is also doing a podcast on one of the non-cycling blogs I check daily - check it out here: http://podcast.business-opportunities.biz/

Crankk used to have some decent podcasts as does http://bikeshow.blogspot.com/index.html

BTW, what happened to Crankk?

I've been in radio all my life and now I'm hesitant to say I listen to podcasts instead of radio... When my beloved bike path was shut down for repairs and I was forced into traffic, I left the MP3 player at home. Like Fritz, I need to be able to hear what is going on around me. Now, my path is open again and I'll be listening to TWiT and it's partners and all of the casts listed above. I have a very busy life and listening (safely) while I ride fits my lifestyle perfectly.

I listen to podcasts in three main locations; work, public transit, and doing housework. Podcasts really make folding laundry fly by. Thanks for the tips on some new bike podcasts I wasn't aware of.
Listening to podcasts at work? Does your employer know? Santa doesn't all the elves to listen to ANYTHING at work.

No doubt the Pancho Villa elves listen to podcast while riding the bus.

Santa KNOWS the Fu Manchu elve is listening while doing the North Pole laundry.

Watch yer step, elves, or it's La Migra for you.
one I like listening to, which is british though, is:


it's also on iTunes if you search for it.
Me too on the "read fast, don't do podcasts" thing. I'm a tad behind on technology, too... *have* MP3 player from woot.com but... make it work? Not yet...
I love listening to podcasts. And the ONLY place I listen to 'em is on the bike :)

I disagree with folk who claim listening to heads causes immediate dead by automobile when cycling.
Like you, I still prefer blogs to podcasts, but I listen to a few of them here and there.

Sometimes it is nice to have a voice to associate with a person whose blog you read regularly.
Well, Fritz, what can I say? I am flattered.

I can't say I've ever cycled and listened to anything other than traffic or birdsong. Many do and I believe the way to do it is to use just one earbud.

And thanks for the link over to my podcast site. quickrelease.tv is not quite ready yet. I have to remove the hamburger girl and add more fresh content. But I have mag deadlines, and a US ski holiday to fit in...
I listen to podcasts and music on my daily training rides. Besides listening to my own shows, The FredCast Cycling Podcast and The Spokesmen, I listen to a variety of tech-related podcasts and other shows.

As for your question about who is listening to these shows, there are apparently lots of people hungering for this kind of stuff. As an example, The FredCast has a weekly audience that rivals the readership of some cycling magazines.

And yes, Tim G., you did mention Cyclelicious on the last show! ;-)
I listen to tech podcasts and Scott Hanselman has a tip for you. Listen to them at 1.5 or 2 times faster. He even watches recorded TV programs like that. My MP3 player, the Cowon A2, allows you to increase the speed. I find my brain struggles to keep up at the best of times so I have not tried this.
David, I am glad to hear that so many people are listening to both of your podcasts. I should have mentioned in my comment that The Spokesmen is the only podcast of which I listen to every episode. I think that the biweekly, one-hour format is just right and having multiple contributors keeps it interesting.
BTW, since your original question was about finding time to listen, I probably should have given you my answer. Here is where I listen (with apologies to Dr. Seuss):

I do so like these podcasts, Fritz
My favorite shows have become big hits
I like to listen anywhere
I have heard them everywhere

I like to listen in the car
Because I need to drive so far
I will listen on a plane
I also listen on the train

I do sometimes listen on my bike
Although this the cops do not much like
I often listen while I do the dishes
I do this to fulfill my wife's wishes

If I take my two dogs for a walk
Inside my ears the podcast hosts do talk
I sometimes listen while I shave and brush
Unless my kids are sleeping, then I must keep things hush

I do so like these podcasts, Fritz.
Try them, try them . . . even if only in little bits.
To your iTunes you should go real fast
Listen to many, but begin with The FredCast!
This is Sherry Lynne White. One of my friends turned me on to your site. I use to race, but I always came in last or close to it. It was just the cop cars and me rolling in to the finish line. One race, I was so far behind, they didn't even realize I was still out there riding. When I got to the finish line, the awards were already given out and the Gatorade was gone. Anyway, enough about me. Thanks for your comments on my podcast (Paul Tay). If you want to write to me personally, I am at Sherrylynnewhite@aol.com
These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.
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