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Sunday, March 18, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

"Don't be a bicycle berserko! Ride Right!" says the bike riding cop. Via.

Sharia law for bike thieves. "Fed up with having his bike stolen and wheel nuts taken, the outspoken Tory MP and cycling enthusiast wants to get tough on bike thieves. Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Islington Cyclists Action Group at Islington Town Hall on Wednesday night, he called for hardline 'Sharia law' to be used on bike thieves. Mr Johnson arrived on his bike fresh from the Commons vote on the Trident missile system, fist aloft, proclaiming: 'Cyclists for the bomb!'"

10 things your auto dealer won't tell you. Money magazine tells me what I've suspected all along -- car dealers are all a bunch of crooks. I think Masiguy will tell you the same thing.

On de Young Musuem's efforts to keep Golden Gate Park roads open on Saturdays.

Video: A young Steve Jobs on why computers are like a bicycle for our minds and how the man on a bicycle is the most efficient means of locomotion on the planet.

I had the flu or something all weekend so I spent much of my time crashed on the couch coding up a new bicycle blog map mashup thing. Stay tuned -- I hope to have this online later this week, though quite a bit more work is still required.

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Some things to notice in this video:

~The cop cyclist giving instructions is riding with two disc wheels. Any little bit of a crosswind would force that bike either into the curb or into traffic.

~The 'berserko' clearly slams head-first into a car, but amazingly suffers little more than a sore head.

Although I must give the cop some credit. He does have his pants tucked into his boots. Plus, that's a pretty awesome chain guard on his bike.
Berkerko slams his head into the car without a helmet, yet -- miraculously -- he doesn't die!
Obviously, Berserko is a doper. Any non-doper wouldn't have the hardened skull a doper would. Maybe it was one of those cars with a unibody construction. Although the car did look like a Delorean.
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