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Friday, March 16, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

FRIDAY ONLY! Today's DAILY GIVEAWAY on the Ellen Degeneres show is a FREE TREK LIME BICYCLE. Go here to sign up and see video of this really cool city bike from Trek. Let me know if you win!

Hat tip to Roger Kramer.

The Trek Lime features the 3 speed Shimano Coasting group. It's a nice little commuter bike. I don't believe it's even available in stores, yet.

Update: In case you read this after March 16, 2007, I've posted the video to YouTube.

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Dang it, once again my Canadian citizenship gets in the way of free stuff! I really, really want to take apart one of those Coasting transmissions and I just can't see doing that if I have to pay for one. :)
I want the seat when it comes out at WallyWorld.
Thanks for the tip of the hat! Best of luck in the context, Fritz!
Oh man, I missed it by a day. Oh well, what what I do with another bike anyway?

It's very cool that this design is getting this kind of mainstream publicity.
It's all about the Helen ready to lead numerous Critical Mass rides? Or is she just pandering again...oh well, perhaps one more rider is better than none.
HOpefully enough people entered so teh Marketing Police deemed bicycles an Item of Interest to the Masses.
And it's cute!
Maybe Oprah will give one to every member of the audience. Didn't she give away cars a couple of years ago?
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