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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

I was hammering hard this morning trying to catch some traffic in front of me. I was out of the saddle, en danseuse, when suddenly both of my feet flailed away from the pedals into nothingness. Remember, I was out of the saddle. Though quite a bit of my weight remained on the handlebars, I landed -- hard -- on the top tube.

I didn't crash or otherwise lose control. But I still experienced pain from that mishap today. And I never did catch that traffic.

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My eyes water at the thought of the impact damage you may have suffered....
That hurts just thinking about it
Wow... sounds painful. I've been thinking about ditching the toe clips on my 925... this has me rethinking that.
Yeeeoowwwch!!! Pedal bindings??? Ah, well, I'm still a clipmomma so I'm not going to contemplate the technical end...
we had a jolly bug-eating romp last night across the soggy dead cornfields.
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