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Sunday, March 11, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Yay or nay? Would you ride a bike with something like this?
Veltop cyclist protection

The 4 pound Veltop attaches to the seatpost and handlebars with universal mounts, folding up to provide a waterproof cover, with additional protection on the sides if needed. Via Yago's Web.

More Sunday bicycle news

Hong Kong fitness club powered by exercise bikes. Like in Soylent Green.

The second meeting of the National Safe Routes to School Task Force will take place April 19, 2007 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The purpose of the Task Force is to advise the Secretary of Transportation on strategies to advance Safe Routes to School Programs nationwide and to encourage children to walk and bicycle to school. This meeting is open to the public and will have time allocated for public testimony. The public is welcome to present written or oral comments to the Task Force. The task force will meet at the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street, SW., Washington, DC 20024. The task force does accept comments via email (last I heard) so feel free to visit the Task Force website and share your ideas.

The amount of grain needed to make enough ethanol to fill a 25-gallon SUV tank "would feed one person for a full year. If the United States converted its entire grain harvest into ethanol, it would satisfy less than 16 percent of its automotive needs."

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looks like an aerodynamic disaster unless there's`something about how low it goes...
Interesting ideas-Henry Leong
All I can think about it how that would handle in a strong wind. A good tailwind would get me all the way to Kansas, but a crosswind would make control extremely difficult.

I suspect it was designed by someone with little real knowledge of riding a bike.
A stiff side gust could be bad. But, I'd give it a shot. The back surface would be great for advertising. HOT OILY MASSAGE 948-6759.
Wire up fitness clubs to the power grid. Energy crisis SOLVED.
What silliness... apparently some nonbiker is attempting to replicate an auto. Yes protecting us from the elements is a nice idea and would help expand the base of bike commuters.

Ideally highly used urban bike routes could be designed to have some type of roof so that rain and snow could be kept off paths and our heads. Perhaps this designer doesn't pin much hope on government to provide more usable routes.
To be fare, it's probably not much different from pulling a child trailer. For Euro-style city riding, wind drag probably doesn't mean for much. In the promo photo I posted, the bike looks like it might even be electric powered.
...correction: that should be "fair" not "fare." And not to be confused with "fairing."
Well, I'm married - but if I were single I'd probably say "Yay."

The plastic thing on the bike would have to go; my first thought seems to match up with everyone else - would only work if there was absolutely no wind.
And ... it *could* be that it doesn't have a "scoop" effect at all (whcih I think would take me to Kansas the wrong way), but would act like a faring. An engineer might know from lookin' - I'd have to try it, which I wouldn't mind.
A child trailer is much lower, and two wheeled, so isn't affected by sidewinds as much. This might be all right around town in sheltered conditions, but not in a strong wind.
(I think you are right about that being an electric-assist bike, but that won't help with control in a side gust.)
I have bought two Veltop, tested them, and published comparative test on my home pages... See
I tried in all conditions: sun, wind, and rain.
If you have any questions about Veltop... I live in France ;o)
I have bought two Veltop, tested them, and published comparative test on my home pages... See
I tried in all conditions: sun, wind, and rain.
If you have any questions about Veltop... I live in France ;o)
See my English Veltop test on
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