86% of female bicycle deaths from trucks

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Transport for London compiled a report showing that 86% of women cyclist deaths were from lorries (large trucks). Among men cyclists killed in traffic, 47% of them were killed by trucks.

The study notes that “Women may be overrepresented in [collisions with goods vehicles] because they are less likely than men to disobey red lights.”

In more than half the fatal crashes, the truck was turning left. Cyclists may be deceived by a truck swinging out to the right to give itself room to make a left turn. The study reports that the problem may be exacerbated by bike lanes near intersections that allow cyclists to pass trucks and other traffic on the left in the UK.

Read more in the Times Online. And remember: In the U.S., don't pass a truck on the right.


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one of my friends saw a woman killed while passing a truck on the right about two years ago. sad sad stuff.
Urbana laid out their plans to add some bike lanes and I'm glad we jumped on the intersection plans to avoid having them direct cycles to the right of right hand turners.
So. Is it that more men get creamed by non-trucks going through those red lights, or that by going through the red lights they avoid the trucks?
Maybe if the ladies would quit trolling the gutter? Naaaaaaaaah.
The report authors apparently thought that the more "aggressive" cycling by males makes them more visible to truck drivers. Overall, though, men are involved in more accidents than women on a per-hour basis.

As implied by Paul, though, I think there is something to be said for assertive cycling.
Hmmm.... my experience talking to lady cyclists is consistent with that . "Aggressive" can translate into "in my lane."
Gutter trolls... that's a neat phrase ;)
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