Maniac road raging motorist assaults female cyclist

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Monday, April 16, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

You won't see this mentioned on Michelle Malkin's blog, but the news in Arlington, Virginia reported on this road rage attack in which a cyclist stopped at a red light was assaulted by a motorist who stopped behind the female cyclist, exited his vehicle, and pushed the woman over onto the ground while screaming at her. Arlington police witnessed the attack and arrested the motorist.

Motorist advocacy groups expressed their shame over the violent behavior of one of their own, while pedestrians, cyclists, and bloggers all over the United States expressed their outrage over the arrogance of motorists who would attack a defenseless woman on a bike and called on motorists to better police themselves.

Well, no, not really, but for some reason when some idiot on a bike smashes in a car window it's somehow my fault.

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There are automobile advocacy groups? You mean like AAA?

It's funny because I see the day when the tables are turned (w/in city limits at least) and the automobile people will be forming small advocacy groups to pressure for wider streets and an increase in the number of city-allowed gas stations (just ban gas stations and speeds over 25mph in city limits and watch the bikes flourish.)
Well, Fritz, it's YOUR fault. I bet the cyclist chick is a regular reader of C-licious. Why, the NERVE of biking the public streets!

Perhaps those genius LCI's should update their Effective Cycling classes. Actually, Santa encounters NUMEROUS road rage incidents, which mainly go UNREPORTED, because they are diffused before the cops arrive on the scene.

Certainly, Santa would be more than happy to share his secrets on u-tube, if only someone would hold the camera and edit "How to survive road rage cagers, WITHOUT really trying."
I'm relieved you've claimed this one, Fritz, 'cause it's usually MY fault!
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