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Friday, April 06, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Cycling Dude talks about some flag waving cyclists. "Remember the Picture of the formation of Patriotic Cyclists at the Acura Bike Tour? They write, 'The Pedaling Patriots group of riders carry large American flags as a statement of patriotic pride and love of country. We are not affiliated with any political or religious group. We are patriots and friends - that's all.'"

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i find it hard to be a patriot these days..

but hey at least they're on bikes and not flying their flags from the back of a giant jacked-up pickup!
I once got arrested, charged, and CONVICTED with waving the American flag while riding a bike, a violation of a City of Tulsa Ordinance 37 TRO 1007.

Yep. Tulsa, OK is home to a whole lotta COMMUNISTS.
When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of it's voice, I am fain to explore the cleannes of it's hands and the purity of it's heart. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
They are at

Could that Tulsa things be true? Sheesh!

"Hard to be a patriot?" Yes maybe, but we need them now more than ever. We have gotten off track. Don't give up on us.

Yep, Paul's story is true.
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