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Monday, April 23, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

RevoPower is a $600 bicycle wheel with a gasoline engine in the hub. You simply replace your 26" front wheel with the RevoPower wheel, put the gasoline in a water bottle cage, clip the throttle to your handlebar and you're good to go.

A friend of mine tried out a pre-production version of this wheel and told me it was amazing fun.

I know cyclists in general get a little cranky about "cheating" like this by adding motors to our bikes, but I expect we'll see more of these things as more people look for alternatives to their transportation needs but don't want to work up a sweat.

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It's still a little too pricey to power-assist Redneck Rickshaw.
Great, now I don't even get away from smog on the bike paths.
Logan's right. Just say no to petrol, kids.
Promoting these things as greener travel is like promoting low tar cigarettes as a solution to cancer.
Destroying simplicity is rarely a solution or a step in the right direction.

It seems that someone is always trying to make money by converting man's greatest invention into something it's not.

It's vaporware. They've been touting this since 2003. It was supposed to be launched this year at $400 and now it's been pushed back to 2008 and $600. Forget about it. Meanwhile, it has so many problems that it'll never make it in the market. It adds at least 12 pounds of unsprung weight to the front wheel. So much for your suspension fork. They don't have a disk brake version, so disk brake owners are SOL and you have to buy proprietary replacement rims from them when your rim brakes wear through it. In some states like New York, it's completely illegal because it's not insured and registered. If the cops feel like it, they can confiscate your bike and your $600 motor. But of course Revopower won't tell you that on their website.
Just say no is a great idea for some of the world. But if you live with a disability that prevents you from riding a bike, but have this type of product that allows you to get outside and enjoy the world, then I can accept the downside! A world where we ALL can enjoy life the same is the world I want to live in!
I thought the revopower power wheel was a fun idea a few years ago-the wheel seemed a lot simpler looking than when it first appeared. It likely would have been hardly noticed on a bike-might have been able to take it on bike trails. For me the idea would have been that I would go longer pedaling the bike than use the motor on the return trip. I think the company overpriced themselves if its going to cost 600.00-for that price I could come close to buying a moped complete. There are numerous bike kits out there in the 150.00 range however they are more noticiable than revopowers unit.
I really want to buy but where? The site is not working.
Regards from Russia
Dead, Out of business.
I am a truck driver and am stuck at truck stops. This would be the ultimate way of going to points of interest. I think other users might be elderly, or people with foot or leg problems. It would also help persons to recover from injuries with a low impact exercise plan out of doors.
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