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Sunday, April 29, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Friday Evening
Originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
Last week I and several others posted the story about the study showing a disproportionate number of female cyclists are killed by trucks in the UK.

Velorution posted this good followup article which notes that the 86% statistics don't necessarily mean that women are more dangerous riders. It very well could be that women are less likely to be killed by the things that kill men, but however they ride still doesn't prevent deaths by a hooking truck.

Looking at the stats in more detail, it turns out the more aggressive cycling by men does result in more men dying in traffic than women, even if you adjust for the numbers of men vs women who cycle. Women are slightly more likely to be killed by a truck, but somewhat less likely to be killed overall than men.

If you value safety, gentlemen, don that wig and ride your bike a little more conservatively.

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Nope. Still not buying it. Anybody, male or female, who gutter-trolls DESERVES to be roadkill. Take the lane. You paid for it. And, make 'em go around you, in the other lane.

DON'T let 'em pass in YOUR lane EVER, unless YOU are confident they won't nail you.
My wife bought me a blond wig... what color should I dye it? Certainly not red, it won't match my eyes...

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