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Friday, April 06, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Statement from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

By now you have probably seen the media frenzy around incidents at last
Friday's Critical Mass ride.

First, we want to make sure that all members understand that the SFBC does
not organize nor manage Critical Mass rides. We never have, we never will.
This is a leaderless ride that the SFBC has no control over.
We condemn any sort of violence on the ride — whether by bicyclists or
motorists. Of course, we condemn violence on our streets anytime, anywhere.
It seems that there are two sides to what happened Friday night, which is
now coming to light in the media. It sounds like there's blame to be shared by both sides.

Our goal now is to make sure that people understand that the SFBC is working
day in and day out to promote safe, joyful bicycling in our city. Our
message is and always has been that we all need to Coexist, to behave civilly and respectfully, and to share the road.

We urge our city leaders not to let one night's ugly actions slow down the
work we're all doing to make San Francisco a great bicycling city.
Help us out by spreading the word that the SFBC does not organize Critical
Mass and that we condemn any violence on our streets, whether biking or
driving. Let folks know about the good work the SFBC is responsible for — more bike lanes, better bike parking, more bike access on transit, more people choosing to bike for a cleaner, healthier San Francisco.
You can let folks know that just yesterday, our volunteers handed out
hundreds of _safety flyers_ to
bicyclists — Give Respect, Get Respect — at the corner of Market & Van Ness
Ave. We're gearing up now for lots more outreach on _Bike to Work Day_ — May 17th!

And we're organizing community members to speak in support of the _Healthy
Saturdays_ ( trial of car-free space in Golden Gate Park on Saturdays just like Sundays.

Thank you for helping us educate people that the SFBC is not Critical Mass,
but is responsible for a lot of the transportation, safety, and open space
improvements they're seeing around town. Let's ride responsibly and proudly.

Thank you for your support,
Leah Shahum
SFBC Executive Director

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mirrors the issue in the "activism" post: guilt by association.

Hey, the word verification says vrrmoo - I'll take that as a sign ;)
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