What's the longest bike train?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

A triplet plus one
Originally uploaded by GeorgieR.
Somebody commented on this photo, asking the question: What's the longest bike train?

I used to tow a single bike trailer + kid trailer. This photo here shows the longest I've ever seen. I've also seen purpose built tandems that can carry a family of four. Has anybody seen longer trains of child bicycle trailers?

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I've seen the same number with a different configuration.

Adult tandem, trailer bike, baby trailer.
We've had a couple customers with triples that they had a trail-a-bike attached to and a trailer attached to that. So there's 5.
Redneck Rickshaw aka Oba-Mobile: Tandem + Rear-facing futon on wheels + TV cart with TV/DVD combo + working, flushable toilet. Mechanically, bike trains are very simple. It's only a matter of imagination.

Street legal? Anyone's guess!

At one of the Burning Man, a piano powered by five bicycles, attached ABREAST, rolled. Probably the best parts were the motors. EVERYONE was NAKED!

RR will be in this year's Tulsa ArtCar Parade. Will post pix on Pimp.
I have never even tried the trail-a-bike with the trailer behind it. Usually, I pull the trail-a-bike and my wife gets the trailer. Maybe I'll hook both to my single speed for a spin around the neighborhood. It looks like fun.
Wow, what a group! Very impressive.
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