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Friday, May 25, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

this baby says...
Originally uploaded by faster panda kill kill
And drop your child off at the daycare on the way! Seen at CrunchTimes. Found by Megan.

More cycling new

EPO, EPO, Ullrich, Floyd, LeMond, Lance and good excuses.

Why do we commute by bike?

The Price is Right and it always will be.

Another bike blog: Self Righteous Biker. Via Gwadzilla.

Is bicycling healthy or not? The answer: a definite maybe.

Berlin Critical Mass.

CafePress and violence toward cyclists. See the violence here.

Enjoy the weekend, all. I will be in the Great Outdoors, very far away from computers and the Internet. Thanks for your thoughts on Manpris and product suggestions. I think of myself as somebody who values function over style, but I'm contemplating Sue's note that my clothing is a reflection of myself. And since Fossil Fish mentioned it, it seems like Style Man had something to say about Manpris. I'll try to look it up.

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Good God! That's not Britney Spears on the Segway. Is it?

I would call it child endangerment as well as lazy.
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