County supervisor bikes to work, meetings

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Thursday, May 03, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Ken Yeager is a Santa Clara County Supervisor. He also is a member of Caltrain's Board of Directors and the Valley Transportation Authority board. He chairs the BART policy advisory board for VTA, he is Santa Clara County's representative on the Association of Bay Area Governments, and he is the county's representative for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

As a member of all of these positions, Ken must attend a lot of meetings. For the month of May, he has committed to ride his bicycle to work and to these meetings. “One of the top concerns in the Bay Area is traffic, and if enough of us ride our bicycles to work, we can make a difference,” said Ken.

You can follow his daily rides at his blog, Ken Bikes.

“Not only does biking to work relieve congestion and wear and tear on our roadways, it also incorporates daily exercise into a busy work schedule.”

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Good stuff - I only minorly object to his (or agreeing with another's statement): "..he expressed his concern that some of the roads in our community lacked proper bike lanes."

My issue with bike lanes around here (my commute is between Palo Alto and San Mateo) is that they are almost always too close to parked cars - putting me right in the door zone if I were to actually ride in them.

So now, at best, I have my tires on the left-most line of the bike lane, and cars think I'm being an a-hole by edging into "their" space. Never mind that I'm often doing 20-25 in a 25 zone...
I commute across Palo Alto and Menlo Park. We might have bumped into each other.

I almost never venture north of Atherton. People always ask for route suggestions from the Peninsula into Palo Alto. Any suggestions?
Aha! I have it on bikely:

Stanford to San Mateo

To get in to Palo Alto proper, one could cross the bike bridge from Menlo Park (San Mateo Drive) and hang a left on Sand Hill, crossing El Camino onto Alma, or cut through Stanford and go out University. Routes northeast of El Camino (like Middlefield) become non-nice once you get to Redwood City and points North.

This route is good for commuting as it a.) avoids hills and b.) never strays too far from CalTrain in case of bike trouble.
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