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Friday, May 25, 2007
By Ed W

Fritz is gone for the weekend, so I'll take advantage to that to post a few words.

He wrote this:

"Cycling knickers, though, or "manpris" like some of my friends like to call them, seem a little out of place even in the progressive San Francisco Bay Area. I feel a little weird wearing them."

Well, you oughta feel a little weird wearing them. You oughta feel a whole lot weird! No man over the age of five should be caught wearing short pants like that. It ain't natural.

Now, I know you're in San Francisco and all - the urban cycling uber-fashion cutting edge that all the rest of us are supposed to emulate. Sure, I get the whole fixed gear thing, but then again, I got it about 30 years ago. It's hardly something new.

I'll try to make allowances for youthful indiscretions, and maybe I'll even stretch the upper age limit for short pants wearin' up to about 25 or 30 - after a couple of drinks, maybe - but any middle aged men trying to look hip and stylish in up-to-the-minute fashions really just come across as making a pathetic grasp for their lost youth. Stop it! Embrace your middle-aged-ness.

Just remember to get a few photos of the stylin' dudes. Hold onto them for 10 years or so, then trot them out to show the dude's kids. I promise you it will be highly amusing.



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I'm not defending the practice of old dudes in capris, but the UK is full of them.
Manpris are cool--if you are in your 20's backpacking around SE Asia. They have no place in suburbia.
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