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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
By Michael

Update: The winner is Jerry of Cupertino, California with his submission of the cyclist on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, California.

Ever since I found the new StreetView version of maps on GoogleMaps, I have been intrigued in starting a contest regarding it.

Find the best cycling related picture and post a link in the comments field of this post. The picture can be of a bike shop, someone riding down the street, or even a cycling sculpture. You can find a few cities on StreetView right now (including New York City, San Francisco, and Miami), but keep your eyes peeled. The contest will end at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, June 12th.

Good luck, the winner gets a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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This is an awesome idea! I can't wait to see what everyone finds. I will promote this on next week's podcast to get more people started!
Cool idea Michael. I'll have to start looking.
388 Market St, SF

Messenger or messenger-styled person, trackstanding on a fixed gear with tri-spoke aero front wheel, rear wheel full of spoke cards, shoulder bag, and narrow handlebar.

You can also see him in 398 Market St in the same place, so I assume he's trackstanding. In 408 Market St, he's a bit farther back.
300 Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

[Angle the shot so that you are looking south from the intersection of Embarcadero and Folsom.]

What better place to bike, even for us once-a-year bikers, than on the beautiful Embarcadero with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop. Hmm, I can smell the clam chowder now!

When you get back, we'll go and get some chowder with the family, Fritz!
In Colorado jeep with Bike on top....,-105.237265&spn=0.031144,0.080338&z=14&om=1&layer=c&cbll=39.886778,-105.24111&cbp=2,141.155266698749,0.677342587425595,1
cut and past the address above....and by the way does one get a live link into the discussion?
up, close, and out of focus…this guy flys by the google vehicle…,-73.953447&cbp=2,115.542503227169,0.875,2&ll=40.796325,-73.953207&spn=0.002059,0.006094&z=18
is this cyclist looking at the google vehicle or the horse?,-73.956735&cbp=2,107.06225231476,0.75,1&ll=40.79123,-73.956614&spn=0.00103,0.003047&z=19
Three man race…..

Some of the time the google camera vehicle passes the cyclist…but in this series… three cycles fly by the google camera….

Start with the pic below and click “NE” (until the guy in white goes by),-73.958648&cbp=2,13.7750397235184,0.5,0&ll=40.785095,-73.958529&spn=0.00103,0.003047&z=19
lots of wheels in this pic….with a three wheeler in center… fun day in the park,-73.973793&cbp=1,273.0735329435298,0.657877867290977,1&ll=40.778332,-73.969746&spn=0.016476,0.034676&z=15
ghost on a mini bike…,-73.966075&cbp=2,96.1766890123679,0.75,1&ll=40.782816,-73.965111&spn=0.008238,0.024376&z=16
Climbing mood on Moody Rd.

This guy is now ready to climb up the steep portion of Moody Rd.(12% avg. in Palo Alto, CA),-122.165719&cbp=1,311.313611582879,0.670483502792896,1&ll=37.361255,-122.165501&spn=0.006617,0.012188&z=16
Bike shop with NO bikes in front!!!,-80.11797&sspn=0.078328,0.138702&ie=UTF8&start=40&ll=25.844084,-80.199509&spn=0.078328,0.195007&z=13&om=1&layer=c&cbll=25.804461,-80.207319&cbp=2,238.045875912409,0.571813412408759,1
Bikes parked at Miami is a beach!!!,-80.11797&sspn=0.078328,0.138702&ie=UTF8&start=40&om=1&layer=c&cbll=25.778601,-80.131021&cbp=2,77.1505948553055,0.677913987138264,1&ll=25.818204,-80.123291&spn=0.078345,0.195007&z=13
Bike shop in North Miami Beach...,-80.11797&sspn=0.078328,0.138702&ie=UTF8&start=40&om=1&layer=c&cbll=25.925923,-80.161102&cbp=2,27.8417901107799,0.553815370958215,2&ll=25.96553,-80.153332&spn=0.078247,0.195007&z=13
Sixth Avenue Bicycles, NYC,+New+York,+NY&sll=40.727308,-74.005795&sspn=0.008716,0.024376&ie=UTF8&om=1&layer=c&cbll=40.73796,-73.996405&cbp=2,150.517174055907,0.5,0&ll=40.742364,-73.99543&spn=0.008714,0.024376&z=16
A bike rider in Central Park, NYC,-73.96863&spn=0.02866,0.086517&z=14&cbll=40.769532,-73.972512&cbp=2,57.1945804195802,0.75,1
Another rider in full kit in Central Park. He must have been going as fast as the Google van since he shows up in several shots.,-73.96893&cbp=2,339.4972081568065,0.5,0&ll=40.79003,-73.965025&spn=0.034831,0.097504&z=14
My best find yet. This is a pedal power rickshaw.,-73.967782&cbp=2,334.048319945949,0.5,0&ll=40.792434,-73.967257&spn=0.03483,0.097504&z=14
New York City....The light is green for the other this guy stopped? Of course!

I have looked but have not found an entry from Las Vegas to post...not one.

One day left in this contest for all you cycle buffs to find the "lost" vegas bike shot!

I found a bike in Vegas....YES!,-115.132341&spn=0.03277,0.10849&t=k&z=14&om=1&layer=c&cbll=36.161326,-115.136186&cbp=2,7.91470588235307,0.732881263616558,1
I will review the entries today and will have a winner posted soon! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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