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Sunday, June 10, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

I always use Firefox to browse the web. I just tried Internet Explorer on and was aghast at how horrible my design is. Have the images always been whacked like that? Or is that new?

Please let me know. Either way, expect a completely new (and simpler) site design Real Soon Now.

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What's Internet Explorer? Of course I use FF so you're looking good to me Fritz.

I got a chance to view my blog in IE on an XP machine recently and it's fine though not smooth as FF+Mac I think.
It's not too terribly different in IE, Fritz, though some of the fonts appear to be. We won't hold it against you! (Especially a confirmed neo-Luddite like me!)
I only see your site when I come to comment, otherwise I just read it through your RSS feed in Bloglines where it looks fine--and just like all the other sites I read since Bloglines strips out CSS and most other formatting.
Different Phil. I don't think it looks too different in IE vs. FF, but I only see it when commenting anyway. Maybe you should post screenshots of what it looks like to you.
I usually read using Bloglines also so I miss the formatting of most blogs.

On Cyclelicious -- the differences are evident on the main page -- the "Permalink" pages look like I think they should (more or less).

Thanks for the comments all. Once upon a time I used to check with various browsers, including Web TV, AOL, and even Lynx!
I use Safari and have a few problems with page rendering. Mostly it's the ads that don't work out right. The info about biking is worth overlooking some formating details.
It's even worse in Opera. I've had to roll out IE just to get the comments page to render properly (the word verification 'captcha' image does not get rendered at all in Opera)
Your google ad bar at the bottom of the "content" always overlays on the bottom of your content frame.

I'm using FF 2.
I am a Firefoxer as well and it always comes up fine. Although I tried to open it in IE and it did come up weird.
I also do the fire....and have loved your show for months...

I use Explorer and for a few weeks now the site has been all askew. It looks great today so you must have fixed something. Woo-hoo
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