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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Wednesday, August 29th is a Spare the Air/Free Transit day in the San Francisco Bay Area. On BART, Caltrain, the ACE train and the ferries, transit will be free until 1 PM. Transit will be free all day on Bay Area buses and light rail.

That means the train bike cars and bus and light rail bike racks will be packed full, which probably means I'll ride my bike the entire distance to work tomorrow.

For a complete list of participating transit agencies and to plan your trip on transit, visit

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Well, there were less than the average number of bicycles on my train this morning. I'm guessing a one-off free ticket doesn't do much to inspire people to take their bike on the train.

Probably a few more pedestrian passengers though.
The bike car seemed to have about an average number of bikes. Many more non-bike passengers who don't know that the bike car is reserved for cyclists, though.
I took the 8:19am express from SF to mt view yesterday, and the passenger load was lighter than normal.

I took the 9:29pm northbound from Mt View all the way back to King st, and that was also a bit light.

I didn't know that yesterday was spare the air day, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the station yesterday morning.
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