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Thursday, August 02, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

A Roark Custom Titanium bike to be specific. Hat tip to Cycling Dude.

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well, since he's been busted for a DWI at least once (i've heard more than once), i'm not surprised he's not driving. it's not the greens that are making him bike...
Ah, yes, all of those "greens" who want legislation requiring people to ride bikes... um, yea. Gotta love a mocking swipe at a group of people who don't exist. He is so much better than "them."
Righto. Gotta love the "I'm holier than thou because I dont' have a holier-than-thou attitude!"
the biggest problem with this strip (and i mean all of them, not just today's) is not so much its politics but its total lack of funniness.
it seems that conservatives in general lack empathy and the ability to abstract to be funny. sarcasm is as close to their use of irony as they can muster, ending up using the mean little brother of satire.
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