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Monday, September 17, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

The Bike Biz Babe & Haro brand manager Jill Hamilton installed Velocity 650B wheels with Neo-Moto tires on a Haro Werx Neon all mountain bike for some 650B experimentation.

Soma also plans to show a 650b prototype at Interbike next week. The 650b tire size -- in between the traditional 26 inch mountain bike tire size and the 29 inches used on 29ers and typical road bikes -- is liked by MTB designers because the required design changes aren't as radical as those required for 29 inch designs.

Guitar Ted believes that the 650b trend will continue, although he says the larger bike builders will probably need to weed something out before introducing yet another tire size to the mountain bike market.

I will be at Interbike next week and promise to provide plenty of photos and news from the show.


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It's just like a full suspension Rivendell.
Rivendell is introducing a 650b specific mountain bike soon. Though it will be fully rigid, no doubt.
"a full suspension Riv..." Ha ha ha! Peterson would have a heart attack if you said that to his face!
Criminey, how much would a fully suspended Riv weigh? As much as a Buick Riv(iera)?

Although, this warms my Bleriot's heart to see this...
I couldn’t resist posting the first thing that came to mind. Despite my affinity for shiny, lightweight road bikes with carbon/plastic parts, I really do like Rivendell. In fact, I would love to have a Quickbeam with about a foot of seatpost exposed (I would at least use an aluminum seatpost instead of carbon, so no heart attacks please). Seriously though, even though I don’t agree with everything in it, The Rivendell Reader is one of the best bike publications around.
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