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Monday, October 08, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Carectomy is a new blog and web resource for people who want to experiment with extracting cars from people. Carectomy focuses on non-car transportation issues, including bicycling, public transportation and even gasp! walking.

Carectomy is part of the Ecogeek network. Check it out: Carectomy.


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Cool site! About half of the new blogs that I bookmark come from Cyclelicious links. Keep finding them Fritz.
Glad to be of service ;-)
hey, my friend josh has alerted me that i've been written about on this blog but i can't see it! both firefox and safari say the server cannot be found. any idea why??

louise (
Lou, are you looking for Carectomy? It must have been a temporary problem -- it works now.
oh yes that's working now ( ^ - ^ ). Its nice to be famous!! Even if it is yet again as a footnote to the illustrious Mr. Hart... :)
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