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Monday, October 08, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Maybe I'm out of touch, but I picture creepy desperate stalkers in this article about hooking up with random women on bikes using the wildly popular Velib bike rental service in Paris, France.
Two-wheeled séducteurs prefer to hang around the Velib rental stations offering aid to neophyte women. “Always smile and be helpful when la demoiselle is lost in front of the electronic post,” one expert on the bike chat-up advised on the internet. “Ask her if she lives in the quartier. Suggest an outing and a drink at the café.”
Bicycling is a great tool for social interaction, but this Desperate Man's Guide to Picking Up Chicks seems a bit high in the "ewwww" factor.

Ladies, what do you think? Via Bike Sharing Blog.

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Well, at least there will be some empty tables at the cafes now. Better they hanging around the bike racks than taking up space at sidewalk tables. These guys are going to be hitting on tourist women anyways. What is the difference if they do it at the bike racks as opposed to elsewhere?
Well there goes my idea to play my A Game with them, and I thought my "Nice rack, I mean the bike one" comment worked...
Tulsa has a similar bike rental system on the River. The bikes are PINK. The perfect GAY pick-up spot! Larry Craig APPROVED and ENDORSED.
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