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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

LED turn indicators for bicycles. A UK design company has created a set of front and rear bicycle lights with integrated turn signals. The Bicygnals indicator bicycle lights feature a 5 LED white light for a front light with 8 orange LED turn signals and a 3 LED rear light with 6 orange LEDs for the rear turn signals. A switch on the handlebar-mounted front unit activates both front and rear turn indicators via wireless communication.

This light is available from UK distributors for about £40, which works out to about US$80. Some of the online shops will ship to the USA for another $20 or so, with shipping from these online retailers also available elsewhere worldwide.

For product and buying information, visit Bicygnals. I know Sue (who published a bike haiku today has been looking for something like this. These run over $100 including shipping, so I think I'll stick with hand signals for now.

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solving a problem i didn't even know i had!
You might want to hold off on getting these shipped to the US; I've chatted with one of the people at the company and they are still waiting on approval from the FCC (due to the wireless signal used to connect the front and back units).
I got one a few years back (not wireless or anything) at the Hilly Hundred but installation defeated me. (I'm not hard to defeat.)
I'm thinking something on my shoulder to smack to turn on might be the trick.
I can see the excuses now: Officer Futzliwitz stated that the cyclist was at fault as bike was not roadworthly - one of his indicators had a cracked lense. Charges will be laid once the cyclist comes out of the coma

Good idea, really, really bad ramifications
Best turn signal is your hand...with a machete in it.
I snagged one of these off eBay out of NZ. The good: The lights work great! All 8 batteries were included, hex wrench included, very nice appearance and packaging, and terrific customer support! The bad: the mounting is insufficient - not robust, and with 8 batteries, it's heavy. For more...
pretty kool idea...

I've got a pair of the Safe Turn Indicators they also do the trick.

You could get some wired chinese Turn signals from ebay ranging from $10-25 US dollars.
I received this unit last year from my wife as a gift. The good - the lights are quite visible, and the installation was, for my mountain/commuting bike, was relatively straightforward. The bad - takes a lot of batteries, but worse is the wireless signal from the front to the rear light unit only works if there is no physical interference, i.e. if you're NOT sitting on the bike. The unit also had the right switch that jammed after about 3 weeks, which I fixed by taking it apart. (The company is in the UK, and they were not very helpful to a customer in the USA). If there was a way to boost the signal, it might be a flawless product. If you're in the UK, you might want to consider this if you don't have signal interference. If you're in North America, skip on this and save yourself the expensive shipping costs.
I Have one of these lights, it is awesome, small, rechargeable and completely wireless. They have a special at the moment for $99.95 in gst
More information is available at ... lights.htm It is easier than most to identify the turn as the usual flashing red tail light goes steady red when the indicator is activated as a reference point for the indicator.Safety first

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All these signals mounted on a bike are too close to the centre of the bike.. Hard to see for the car drivers which way you are turning.
The automatic (angle-sensing) turn signals worn on hand are better in my opinion, check wikipedia Bicycle_lighting - "Automatic turn signals worn on hand".
I just bought my turn signals
$39 Bucks. First time I used it saved my life from a terrible accident.
I've seen something similar to this but simpler. It's just a bicycle indicator that sits on your wrist that's activated only when you turn....
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