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Saturday, November 10, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

Carlton set up a USA Spreadshirt account so his Quickrelease.TV "POLITE" bicycling shirts are now available for shipping in North America. Click here to order. They feature the text "One Less Car" on the front and "POLITE" on the back.

Note that the USA version doesn't quite match the Euro version shown above.

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Wow, thanks again, Fritz.

It's really odd how the cool features in the Euro-version of Spreadshirt don't seem to be on the US version. The text colours are not as broad and there doesn't appear to be a way to add extra graphics after text has been applied. Prices are a lot less, mind.
Hi, Carlton,

Sorry for the confusion. The number of text colors between the US and EU are the same. We do have differences in colors, based on apparel selection and suppliers. Which ones were you missing specifically? I can't promise we'll get it, but the feedback is helpful.

You can add graphics after text is added. Not sure what went wrong. The designer is the same between the US and EU. It must have been a click path. If you can tell us what it was, I'd appreciate it. (I tried to find it, but probably know too much.)

Thanks for the feedback, Jana.

I couldn't find the bike symbol on the US site. The graphics are different.

Also, there wasn't the same - or similar - Trigema training jacket.
Hi, Carlton,

Yes, the graphics are different. Our partners submit graphics, and they decide where they want to sell. I can check on the bicycle graphic and see if it can be brought over.

The Trigema selection isn't available here. Trigema isn't popular in the US, and we don't have an outlet to get them wholesale.

We did try some similar jackets in the US, but they were not popular. We are adding some additional athletic wear for North America in January, but no jackets are planned.

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