Brakeless singlespeed in San Francisco

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

DJ Ted Shred is INSANE.

This video by filmmaker Matt Goldman features great footage of San Francisco DJ Ted Shred bombing down the hills of San Francisco on his singlespeed (freewheeling -- not fixed!) brakeless bike. Shred stops by pushing his shoe into the rear wheel to "Fred Flintstone it." Set to Ted Shred's music, the excellent videography makes this suicidal practice look kinda cool, just like TV forensics dramas make dead bodies look hot and sexy.

Via the man who hates goats.


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...O M G...i concur...INSANE...

...& i hardly ever capitalize...
that is so freaking stupid it hurts.
At least the guy wears a helmet! Oh, wait... nevermind.
Yeah.... I would have to say that is not even "cool-stupid" just stupid.
I am not quite getting the significance of the shoe. With all that testosterone and GUTS, shouldn't a building or a moving bus SUFFICE?
Please don't feed the pigeons!
I remember seeing this at last years Bicycle Film Festival in Chicago. It's insane and yet, it makes a compelling film.
So dumb, so dumb.
It's really not cool, because he is endangering any pedestrians he is near. I hope he realizes that he is going to hurt somebody some day.
This was made in 2005. If he's either dead or maimed or not riding anymore.
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