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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
By Ed W

I'm trying to find the website for a new bicycle built around an infinitely variable drive system. I vaguely recall seeing something about it, something that I noticed only in passing. The reason I ask for help is because I simply cannot find it, and my increasingly porous memory doesn't help at all.

We were talking about electric cars at work today, and someone mentioned this drive system as a better alternative to an automotive automatic transmission.

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Uhh.....Fallworth Technologies Nuvinci hub, by chance? Constantly Variable Transmissions? (CVT) Am I getting warm?
NuVinci, as mentioned.

Ellsworth is making a bike out of it.
I was wondering if Ellsworth was still selling the Nuvinci equipped bike. I think Batavus might be the biggest user of that technology right now. I've also seen a couple of Nuvinci equipped cruisers (maybe Ellsworth built and rebadged?)
Hi there, I saw a cool concept at this years EuroBike in Germany.
Check it out:

check out this cool custom cargo bike using a Nuvinci hub:
Yo Jim G, that bike truck is cool.
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