Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

After four years of dating older women, 36 year old Lance Armstrong apparently likes 'em young now. Shortly after his breakup with fashion designer Tory Burch, Armstrong has been seen in the company of tiny 21 year old twin Ashley Olsen. The New York Post reports that "Armstrong was seen 'making out' with the tiny actress perched on his lap."

Until I saw this news, I still thought the Olsen twins were like 12 years old.

Props to Michael for the heads up. Hey, what happened to your blog?

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You have to give it to Lance. He had an amazing wife who was next to him through everything, but then he left her and ended up with Sheryl Crow. Then he left her...

Now he's with Ashley Olsen?!

Doesn't make any sense to me.

And the blog is in an "internet coma" right now. Not dead, but on life support. Not sure if I can host a blog through my SmugMug site, but I am working on it. Although is still doing quite well!
All I can say, between gags, is... "EEK!"
Are not the twins billionaires.... Lance the gold digger?
As John McCutcheon proclaims, I don't care.
Lance, where oh where did you go wrong?!? EWWWW!
It just seems wrong somehow but, personally, I'm thinking the media is blowing something way out of proportion that really isn't much of anything. Like they've never done that before! :)
At least that's my theory...
If you add the twins' ages, they total 42. Then he'd be dating older women again.
He's really just trying to get close to Mary Kate to get some weight control tips now that he's no longer training like a fiend.
Cafiend: Best comment ever!
Michael---he had an amazing wife who was with him through what, exactly? Success after success, fame and riches? It's not like she was there holding his hand when he had cancer, ya know. More power to Lance if he wants to nail a 21 year old. That's one of the benefits of being rich, athletic, and famous.
...hell, i can't fault the man for digging a 21 year old, but that chick just doesn't look very wholesome...

...that's what makes me wonder about his judgment...
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