San Francisco bike plan on hold two more years

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Friday, December 07, 2007
By Yokota Fritz

From Left in SF...

Last year, blogger Rob Anderson and his "Coalition for Adequate Review" put a stop to San Francisco's bike plan when he filed suit against the city, arguing that any transportation changes must undergo an Environmental Impact Review. Judge James Warren agreed and completely stopped all new bike projects in the city with an injunction prohibiting any new bicycle facilities of any kind in San Francisco.

Now we have the news that the city does not expect to complete the required environmental review until spring 2009, with re-adoption of the bike plan in the summer of 2009. The city cannot even install bike racks for parking or racks on buses until this environmental review is completed. The San Francisco Bike Coalition urges action and asks San Francisco cyclists to call the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to encourage them to make this a higher priority.

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...that's rather harsh...a plan that would serve & benefit thousands of sf cyclists' is put aside indefinitely because one cantankerous curmudgeon, who takes issue w/ anything cycling related, happens to know the procedure for stymieing progress...

...selfish move, anderson...
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