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Sunday, January 06, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

CycleDog tells me that cute kitten pictures are good for website traffic.

I love kittens

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Ain't it scary what you can find on them interwebs?
Traffic whore. j/k Yeah, I'd believe cute pictures of kittens nab lot's of traffic. There are viral kitty sites all over the interwebs!
What about on invisible bikes?
I was gonna mention Frank's invisible cat but forgot!

And yeah, of course I'm a traffic whore. How else can I be a wealthy, powerful and influential blogger bent on ruling the world?
Based on the number of comments, discussing alveolar flaps is also good for traffic. Hmmm....
I'm honestly surprised by all the comments on that one!
Yeah, it would appear that if we wanted to drive up traffic, we should run porn, kittens, and obscure linguistic references. People are very, very weird.

icanhascheeseburger gets more comments in a day than we get for months!
what are you saying?
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