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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Some of my utility cyclist friends like to brag about their heavy clunker bikes and think that roadies who ride a hundred miles at a time on their lightweight bikes are sissies, wussies, weaklings, cheaters and worse.

After meeting Max this last weekend, I have to agree. I mean look a this guy on his wimp bike on the summit of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California.

Max on Mt. Tamalpais

Max is 60-something years old and rode his bike from his home near sea level up Panoramic Drive with its 8% grade to the summit of Mount Tamalpais at 2,600 above sea level. This guy is truly a weakling -- he uses gears (14 of them on his Rohloff hub) and kits up in the bike athlete outfit in a lame attempt to be like Lance Armstrong. A Real Man would clearly ride a half mile straight up the side of a mountain on the heaviest rustbucket he can find. He would wear heavy jeans, a cotton sweatshirt, and hiking boots to maximize the effort.

In case you can't tell, I'm just a little bit sarcastic. I appreciate all types of bikes, but to dis the the sport I love and the athletes who partake of it -- even the weekend warriors -- is just ridiculous and makes the armchair commentators just sound like fools.

Confidential to Wild: I meant to call, but I forgot to bring your number. Next time!

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Comments: problem, fritz, but here i was ready to buy the expresso (ok, yerba mate for me) & beer...c'est la vie...

...glad you made the top of our very special mountain...
...i've sat on those little benches to the right of the photo, many times, so grateful & satisfied w/ my ride up, in absolute wonder of the beautiful view before me & in gleeful anticipation of the descent...

...& as you mention about mt tam's 2,600 ft, that, on the dirt, riding a cyclo-cross bike, is a real descent... time, my friend...
"In case you can't tell, I'm just a little bit sarcastic."

And it's brilliant!

I'll be nicer to weekend warriors, I promise.
To the Max!
I'm not so much into the cycling "scene" that I have ever heard such a thing. I do know that when I see some guy on a bike in this weather while SUV's drive past and sneer, I think to myself, "Who's the tough guy here?"
That is an absolutely gorgeous bike. Any idea what it is? [bike envy]
Max told me his bike is a "cheap made in China bike from Performance."
Can't we just all get along and unite against angry drivers? That is a sweet bike.
That's a great bike, but most "Racers" would probably be ashamed to be on it. It's obviously an older frame, and it's chromed steel from top to bottom. He's got a 3lb rear hub on there, Brooks saddle, and flat bar barends on the bottom of the drops. It looks like a pretty practical bike for someone that doesn't get enough riding in during the week commuting.
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