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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Behold the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle.

Yuba plans to introduce the Mundo cargo bike to Europe this month, followed by a release to America in February. This high-tensile steel bike with a long frame allows for extra carrying capacity; the rear platform can haul up to two extra passengers or up to 485 lbs / 220 kg of cargo.

The Mundo 1-speed is the entry-level model ideally suited for flat to mildly rolling terrain with low maintenance features. The Mundo 6-speed offers the most advantages for hilly terrain and heavier cargo hauling. The Mundo 5-speed uses an internal hub, reinforced for cargo hauling, that enables the rider to shift on the fly whether pedaling, cruising or idling. The 5-speed is also suited for heavier loads. Prices will start at US$750 or €540. Kickstands and fenders / mudguards are optional extras.

In the United States, the Yuba Mundo will be available from Rock the Bike in Berkeley, California. They'll ship it to you in the United States for $45, some assembly is required. They're available in the UK at Bike Fix in London; in Bonn, Germany at Velo City; from Velectris in France; and in Helsinki, Finland at Ultra Fun Oyab. You can also purchase online directly from Yuba and pay with Pay Pal and various credit card options.

Thanks to the WIRED blog for reminding me about this bike, which has more details on models and colors offered.

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I would love to ride one of these. I think Kona did a great job creating this bike at such an attractive pricepoint.

The carpet on the bottom of the rear rack is a nice touch on this one.
That's pretty sweet. Although I think Surly hit the nail on the head with the Big Dummy. Having the existing XtraCycle accessories makes things nice. Although I'm not sure how much weight it can carry.
Oops, I must have been having a brain lapse when I left the earlier comment. I just read Yuba and typed Kona. sorry for confusing this bike with the Ute.
So no distribution through extracycle now? Interesting development. Maybe because of the advent of the big dummy..
Do they make the hub as well?
They kind of imply the hub is custom, but I don't know for sure. Maybe I'll drop in at Rock the Bike and take a look when the bike comes in.

A noted, the Kona and Surly are similar, though you get much higher quality on those over the (European) Yuba. Surly's Big Dummy is CroMo steel, while the Kona is Aluminum. The Big Dummy frame/fork is about $850, while the Ute is about $800 for a complete bike. Of course, Xtra also sells complete bikes equipped with their Free Radical extenders for plus you get all the cool XtraCycle accessories (like Jared mentioned). The equivalent XtraCycle SUB would probably be the one based on the Marin Novato, which sells for $929.
I'm finishing a post on longtails and I was trying to get in on a comparative chart, but given that I only have had the opportunity to see and use an Xtracycle, but not yet the Mundo, Ute or Big Dummy, I wonder if anyone could give me some "insider" info (you're at least 1 ocean closer to "where things are happening" ;-)).

How much does the Ute and the Big Dummy weight? Their websites don't mentione this. And what are their wheelbases?

I can't find the load capacity of the Ute, neither... That's important for a self-proclaimed "pickup"-style bike... :-(

I think the Big Dummy is Stokemonkey compatible, but are the Ute and the Mundo compatible too?

Is the Mundo compatible with disk brakes?

The Big Dummy handles hub gears. What about the others (FreeRadical, Ute, Mundo)?

I read somewhere that the Ute is not compatible with the Peapod child seat. I'm guessing the Big Dummy is (as is the FreeRadical), but what about the Mundo?

Can we attach trailers and/or trail-a-bikes to the Ute, Big Dummy, Mundo?...
Hi Ana, I'm working up a similar comparison :-) I'll contact you "offline" to talk about collaboration.
Gosh- Ana you would do me a big favour to give me some links to the concepts you are mentioning. I'm doing some research into tilting tricycles for cargo...


sorry could not resist to search myself

Bike is practical, but an electric bike version would be more interesting. Mountain, modified touring bikes, and hybrids are similar without as much capacity. Even a trailer connection to back of bike is more real..
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